Türk Lirası Için Alternatif Birim | Türk Kripto Lirası

Türk Kripto Lirası

Welcome to the future of the Turkish Lira


A fee of 15% occur during each trade


The 7% BTCB Reward is Bitcoin, the gold of the cryptocurrency. Gold is a preferred unit in times of crisis. Therefore, BTCB (crypto unit gold) will be distributed to the community.


3% will be transferred to the liquidity pool to keep the price more stable and your investment safe.


Marketing, ecosystem, future projects and team.

This is to promote the currency and fund future plans.

Apart from this, we have developed an anti-whale mechanism program. Therefore, only 2.5% of the maximum amount of Tokens can be sold. Everyone knows the pump and dump problem. This is a necessary point to protect your investment from external influences.

Why have we established the Turkish Crypto Lira?

The Turkish Crypto Lira is an alternative unit for the Turkish Lira, which is constantly losing value. Our nation has been fighting against the depreciation of the lira for years. For this reason, we developed a new unit, thinking that an alternative was needed. The maximum number of coins is 145.3 million. We chose the figure of 145.3 Million TKL in honor of the conquest of Istanbul.


Phase 1
  • Presale Initial stealth
  • launch on pancakeswap
  • 1000 TKL holders
  • 50 TKL = 1TL
  • 200.000$ Marketcap
Phase 2
  • CoinGecko application and listing
  • CMC application and listing
  • 2000 TKL holders
  • 25 TKL = 1TL
  • 400.000$ Marketcap
Phase 3
  • 20000 TKL holders
  • 2 TKL = 1 TL
  • 5,000,000$ Marketcap
  • TKL Wallet
Phase 4
  • 50000 TKL holders

  • 0.5 TKL = 1TL 

  • 20.000.000$ Marketcap 

  • Lending and borrow system

Phase 5
  • 100000 TKL holders 

  • 0.2 TKL = 1TL 

  • 50.000.000$ Marketcap 

  • Mobile payment system with TKL wallet



Türk Lirası Için Alternatif Birim | Türk Kripto Lirası

Founder - K. Kenanoglu

Türk Lirası Için Alternatif Birim | Türk Kripto Lirası

Programmer - İ. Yılmaz

Türk Lirası Için Alternatif Birim | Türk Kripto Lirası

Marketing Manager - A. Özdemir

How to buy?

1. Download Metamask/Trustwallet

2. Add Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) to your wallet

3. Buy BNB and send it to your wallet

4. Connect your wallet with Pancakeswap

5. Add TKL address to your wallet


6. Set slippage to 16-17%

7. To receive the BTCB rewards add this address to your wallet